Membership Details

Membership OverviewWould prospective members please note that they will be able to attend one meeting (by arrangement), to ensure that the association will meet their needs and requirements prior to formally joining. Those wishing to attend should submit a request using the contact us facility, which can be found on the top menu bar.


To become a member of the Association, there are certain requirements that need to be met to become and maintain membership status. To apply for membership a Landlord should:


• Complete the Membership Application form (click here)
• Enclose a joining fee of £25
• Enclose the yearly subscription fee of £50 (this is in addition to the joining fee, and is reduced to £25 for applications after 1 November.
• Provide Proof of Identity and a copy of a current Tenancy Agreement


To ensure the membership status is maintained, members must:


Abide by the BRLA Rules of the Association and Code of Practice
Attend at least 4 meetings per year (between April 1st – March 31st)
Ensure that matters discussed at meetings remain confidential


Please note: The BRLA caters for the needs of landlords managing their own properties and does not accept applications from Managers or Agents.