BRLA’s response document to BMBC selective Licensing Proposal

Please see below for Barnsley Residential Landlords Association's reponse to BMBC;s Consultation on Selective Licensing.

This response is to draw attention to the inaccuracies, distortions and errors in the document. We contend that these flaws are designed to mislead, corrupt and obfuscate the recipients into making rash judgements. Councillors should also be aware that our calculations show the scheme to be lossmaking, and as such, will be a burden on the residents of Barnsley. There will also be a significant impact on the poorest tenants, who will, at least, in part, fund SL through increased rents, and receive no benefit, since funds must be used for administration and not enforcement.

You can view the document here: BRLA_Response_to_BMBC_Selective_Licensing_Proposal


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