The Aims of the Scheme

The Barnsley Residential Landlords Association recognises the substantial benefits and merit that Accreditation schemes provide.


The Association has therefore developed its own Accreditation scheme to enable its members to show that they adhere to business and property standards equal to the best practices available in the Private Rented Sector. Landlords and Tenants will therefore be assured of the quality of management standards, and also of the housing provided.


The Aims of the Scheme are to:-

  • Acknowledge good Landlords by identifying the better landlords who have demonstrated the quality of their letting abilities
  • Promote good management practices and give Landlords the confidence that they are managing their businesses in an appropriate and professional manner
  • Raise awareness of Landlords responsibilities and obligations
  • Encourage improved property standards
  • Improve the safety, security and energy efficiency of rented properties
  • Give Tenants confidence that they are renting from a reputable and fair Landlord
  • Minimise problems and misunderstandings between Landlords and Tenants and settle any problems and misunderstandings speedily and amicably
  • Promote confidence in the private rented sector