Landlord Requirements

The Requirements for Landlord Accreditation are to :-


  • Attend at least 4 BRLA general meetings each year to maintain continued professional development
  • Conduct their rental business in a professional, courteous and business-like manner and in accordance with the Rules of the Association and the BRLA Code of Practice
  • Ensure that premises meet all legal requirements and standards for rental properties
  • Use a written Tenancy Agreement, with both landlord and tenant receiving copies. (Not required for pre-existing tenancies where none exists)
  • Provide a Deposit Certificate and tenancy deposit information as required, if a deposit is taken.
  • Provide a written receipt for cash payments
  • Provide a current gas safety certificate (to be renewed annually) **
  • Provide an Energy Performance Certificate (Not required for tenancies which began before 1st October 2008)
  • Provide a contents list / inventory - 2 copies, both to be signed and dated by both parties (Not required for pre-existing tenancies where none exists) *
  • Provide Landlord contact details *
  • Provide gas, electricity and water shut off point details *
  • Provide gas and electricity supplier details for the premises *
  • Complete an annual Housing Health and Safety Rating System safety check *
  • Provide smoke alarms in the circulation area of each floor (battery operated or hard wired)
  • Ensure that the property is kept in a good condition
  • Carry out repairs in a timely manner
  • Actively manage anti-social behaviour involving a Landlord’s own tenants and premises
  • Return the deposit in full at the end of the tenancy or provide written reasons why any part of the deposit has not been returned *


*See Forms Section of website for relevant downloads

**To conform to the GasSafe Approved Code of Practice landlords are advised that all properties should be re-checked between tenancies, even if there is a valid gas safety certificate in force.