Details & Application Forms

The BRLA 'Best Landlord' Accreditation Scheme

Scheme Details


  • All members of Barnsley Residential Landlords Association with at least 6 months membership are eligible to join the scheme
  • Membership of the scheme is voluntary
  • There is no joining fee
  • The BRLA ‘Best Landlord’ Accreditation Scheme is operated by the BRLA Committee
  • BRLA is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 for the storage and use of data.
  • BRLA Landlords may terminate their membership of the scheme by giving one months notice. The membership certificate shall be returned together with any other items supplied.
  • If Landlords obligations are not fulfilled, their scheme membership will be terminated and they shall not be eligible to return to the scheme for a period of 2 years. All certificates shall be returned and Tenants of Accredited properties informed.
  • To support the Accreditation status of a property and to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the Scheme, properties may be selected at random, and a questionnaire passed to the Tenant for completion.
  • Any suggested changes to the Scheme will firstly be considered by the BRLA Committee and then put before the membership.
  • Any disputes regarding the Scheme or its operation, between Landlord and Tenant, will firstly be considered by The ‘Best landlord’ Accreditation Committee. If the matter cannot be resolved it will be referred to the BRLA Committee. Where appropriate, advice and guidance will be sought from Barnsley MBC Strategic Housing
  • Members of the scheme are requested to use the scheme logo on all paperwork

How to apply

To become an Accredited Landlord

The Accredited Landlord application form should be printed out, completed and submitted at the next general meeting. Membership and attendance status will be checked and a certificate issued at the following meeting.

To register a Property for Accreditation

The Accredited Property application form should be printed out, completed and submitted at the next general meeting. The responses given in the form will be considered and a certificate issued at the following meeting. Please note that only Accredited Landlords can apply for Property Accreditation.

Please note:-
The BRLA ‘Best Landlord’ Accreditation Scheme will only carry out random checks on properties submitted for Accreditation. It is expected that members of The Scheme will act with honesty and strive to achieve the best practices available within their rental businesses.
The BRLA makes no representation nor warrants and no warranty shall be implied that the BRLA has inspected, approved or in any way endorsed any particular property or Landlord. The BRLA shall not be liable to any person or persons for any information contained in The ‘Best Landlord’ Accreditation Scheme or supplemental documents or reliance upon it for any loss damage or injury or any disputes proceedings or claims by or between any person or persons (any whether or not including against the BRLA) whatsoever or howsoever arising from any information herein contained or any supplemental document.