Aims & Objectives

Aims_and_ObjTo promote a viable private rented sector as an important source of accessible, high quality rented housing within the Barnsley area.

BRLA and its members will conduct their activities employing fair and non-discriminatory practices, accepting independent mediation and arbitration and abiding by reasonable regulation.


To be the reasoned voice of the private landlord; to speak out with authority on behalf of members; to communicate their views to all external bodies within the sector including government, local authorities, voluntary groups and tenants, and in so doing, assist private landlords by achieving:

  • Fairness: There should be an equitable legislative balance between the private residential landlord and the private tenant and between landlord and enforcement agencies.
  • Mediation: Differences and disputes between landlord and occupier should be settled amicably wherever possible and litigation should be considered only as a last resort.
  • Honesty: Landlords, tenants, local authorities and housing agencies should not exploit or take advantage of innocent mistakes made by the other party.
  • Truth: The image and integrity of the private rented sector should be based on facts, not anecdotes.
  • Quality: Standards that are maintained by good practice

(Note: More detailed and comprehensive information is covered in the BRLA Code of Practice)